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TEXTURAL :iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
I Call in the harsh tongues of
Magic and Truth, of flooding Memory and
Passion's testing fire.
I Call you, Soul, to Knowledge,
To Growth, to the acceptance of
Inevitable decay.
I Call you to Life,
To Death,
To Rebirth.
I Call you.....
(C) Morriganscrow March 2014.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
Wings of stained glass and poem's rich cadence,
Rose out of darkness, confined
And wrinkled,
Pumped then so full of life, they trembled, sails
Of a faerie galleon, filled
With Goddess's breath, belling.
Poised to leap, leap...LEAP
Up and away, loving gravity
But yearning to deny it's clutching grasp,
The rest of them, still uncocooned, gasped
And twittered of weird, unnatural, unseemly
Haste -
Oh, come back! Be as you were, what we so
Need you to be, a cloudy mirror, not this!
She did not heed their stifling, binding cries,
~ (c) Morriganscrow 14/10/13
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
I open my Self, and out come
All my dreams for you, all
The hope, the joy...
And close behind, tumbling,
A Dragon in midair...
My love - my wild, fierce, vulnerable
Love for you.
Caress it gently....
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
I See what's True in your Heart,
I See what's Honourable in your Body,
I See what's Loving in your Mind,
I See what's Magical in your Soul.
I See you, Two-legged Sisters and Brothers,
I See you - in all your weakness and strength,
I See you - in all your foolishness and playfulness,
I See you - in all your fear and beauty,
I See you - in all your selfishness and insight.
When will you See ME?
(C) Morriganscrow 31/05/2013
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
Within me is the Multiverse, the Infinite
Heart of Goddess, dancing in
My blood, singing through each nerve,
Each Neuron cluster, darting to all
Limits that I now release;
I am Possibilities, Binaries, Star Cauldrons,
Every cell a Nebula, and
All That I Am -
Is You....
Rising, coiling,
Starry genome writhing
Sinuously in the core of every sun;
We are One, you and I, a sensuous Caduceus,
Healing all our ancient wounds, and newer
Scars too numerous to mention;
We melt, twin wildfires, unified in Love,
In Honour, in Beauty, in Dignity,
I behold you, Beloved...and am Undone!
(C) Morriganscrow May 2013
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
AUTUMNUSGreen Man drifts in
Green Man drifts in yellow, brown, vermillion,
Steps rustling, scented deep of soil and
Deep buried hollows, rich
In peaty treasure,
Morels, chantrelles, truffles, dew-touched, spring
From nook and cranny;
Leaves swim the air, dancing with gravity
For each breathless moment, then
Touch down, and begin to nourish the
Branches that budded them.
He walks among them, swathed in umber, in amber,
In red and crimson and fire and orange,
He shakes the boughs, and plumps up the mossy pillows,
Feeds the birds, the small creatures....
....and moves on....
(c) Morriganscrow. March, 2013.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 1 0
UNDER WATERWhat strange fish
What strange fish dart
And tremble, beneath the surface
Of shadowed seas?
What broken songs whisper
Along the currents,
Among the drifting weeds?
What hearts break, in brittle silence,
Among the curling, swirling sands
And into grottoes lost to human sight?
Who sinks, slowly, slowly,
Into the dark?
Morriganscrow (C) Feb, 2013.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
My mind sings in rainbow codings,
Kaleidoscope sunrises and butterflies' wings, in
Ideas all pigmented, awash in roseate Love and
Joy all brilliant green as a peacock in flight.
Blues explode in laughter, yellows leap up
Into the sky, and plunge deep into hearts of purple;
Foxfire dances from neuron to neuron, carrying
All I am through me in frequencies I taste and touch,
In shades I see and hear and smell, sweet
Perfumes of hues!
I am an explosion....
A conflagration....
A Soul dilation....
I am a Nebula, shining Child of Star Stuff
In my endless, glowing Mind.....
(C) Morriganscrow 22/06/12
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 2
Take heed, take heed ye who have raised weapons, or fists clenched;
Or who, with wounding words, or lies, scalding heartskin and
My Soul, have wronged me -
I know ye...I KNOW ye...I See within ye and
I remember! I See ye
In all thy smallness, thy weak spite and bravado, thy
Arrogance...self-hatred's mask;
And I do unto thee the very worst I can...
I forgive thee
And turning my face, walk away...
And never once look back....
(C) Morriganscrow 30/06/2011.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
To the West thunder rumbles,
Cloud's indigestion, the flatulence of electrons;
Farting lightning, scaring dogs -
The barking drowns the borborygmi of
The roiling sky.
A pending storm - the irritable bowel syndrome
Of heaven....
Morriganscrow (C) February 2011
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 1 2
There is a joy in offering
Myself to you, a book of many pages,
Scented parchment slips so smoothly through
Stroking fingers, I am a silken skinned
Tome, of stuttered wisdom and childish clarity,
Of laughter and tears so intermingled
I am both...
And neither....
Touch me!
~ Morriganscrow (C) April 2011
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
My heart, my desires have been comatose
For three and twenty years -
An empty, echoing, aching void inside, overlapping my heartspace and my solarspace....
Cold in there, so cold, so scarred; crying drifted,lifting the
Circling crows of listless despair;
I thought I was beyond resusitation, beyond Soulbreath, HeartBeat,
Beyond feelings of a simpleton's love;
I was wrong, so wrong....
Now, I've found the balm, the gentle breath, so unexpected -
The voice, the touch, the essence....
...and I am filled....
A cord connected me to somewhere/one? I knew
I'd lost somehow/when and was bereft.
I had searched, unaware I searched,
For fifty years,
Searched, yearning for something/one I didn't even
Know the shape or face of....
How could I suffer so for the lack of a stranger?
With perfect love, and perfect trust you were there, I looked
Into your face, your beautiful face
And Love claimed me for all time.
As recognition, bitter-sweet, filled me, spilled me, helpless
To resist, I ended all resista
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
Sweet scented, sleeping budling tiny one,
In leafy grottos, curled up and petal bright, hiding in
Plain sight, a velvet child of Spirit,
...Berry cheeked and damask rosy eyelids, long lashes curling
Soft and fine, rain beads shimmer on dandelion hair and
Cling to lips, perfect in every way....
A patter-pitter of many feet, she wakes and wanders, soft
Satin limbs, she touches all the tiny things and
Makes them hum with joyful growth;
A single rosehip is a banquet, a dewdrop is a bath
And where she tippy-toes the forest floor
Rustles and shivers with
Morriganscrow (C) February 2011.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
In shell-swept caves of limestone, ancient
As ammonites, all powdered, swathed in weeds and bladderwrack;
Wherein sigh the waves, and out, a gentle sussurance, as
Gaia breathes, salty-sweet and eternal,
Her heartbeat echoing in tides and chasms;
There Crone sleeps, spume-swaddled, brine-bedded, alone -
Dreaming deep, deep dreams of shadowed gulfs,
Of water dark and thick and slow, so
Cold, so...cold....
Echoing with yearning whalesong, the shrill
Chatter of krill, bloodsong of orcas hunting, the trembling
Thoughts of nautilus and octopus, the laments
Of fish innumerable;
She waits....
Morriganscrow (C) February 2011.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0
See, my Child, see the
Stars? They reflect in your eyes and
Whirl across your skySoul;
I have so much in my
Heart to show you, tell you,
Blood of my blood;
And your sweet
Breath glows, motes of nebulae
Birthing as I birthed you.
We flew on solar exhalations,
Grew in furnaces beyond comprehension,
Swam the seas of worlds in their dawning, and yet
No beauty touches me
More deeply than
Your fingers curling, tiny buds,
Around mine, and the new, sweet smell
Of you.
Oh Child! I see the Stars, but my heart breathes for love of
Morriganscrow (c) January 2011.
:iconmorriganscrow:Morriganscrow 0 0


Here kitty kitty~ by Glorificatasura
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:iconmimblex:Mimblex 8 10
The Morrigan
The Morrígan in Modern Pagan Worship
Though she's an ancient Irish goddess, worship of the Morrígan has carried over into modern times, and she is worshipped by several sects of modern pagans, such as Wiccans and druids.  Feelings about the Morrígan are mixed, ranging from ideas about her as an Irish Kali (and therefore a loving mother) to her as an evil, bloodthirsty goddess who should be carefully worked with, if worked with at all.  There is, however, a growing interest in her: what she means in modern times, how she is worshipped, festivals relating to her, and rituals in which she's involved.  Modern pagans have many ideas about what her purpose is and how she works in their practice, and many fall back upon historical documents found in Ireland that directly refer to her.  These texts are limited, however, as the ancient Irish religion was primarily oral and very few practices are known today.  Because of this, others argue that i
:iconrinyavie:Rinyavie 9 4
clark kent
Silver eyeshadow and a blush; smack lips
and sway hips. The nail file's on overtime
and the glitter's out sick. Snap bra strap,
winking at the mirror; stars could get lost
in this cleavage, and these cups could be
flowerpots for a healthy crop of petunias
or baskets for hot air balloons, if I chose.
Tonight I'm juxtaposing crepe with Lycra;
all those stubborn parts sedated, yielding
like cats before the leap. Skirt the colour
and size of a blackbird's wing and knickers
tight enough to make me sing. Peep show
smile; big hairstyle. Just the faintest smell
of wine. And I close the phone booth door
without a single sound:
tonight I don't fear Kryptonite.
I'm going on the town.
:iconzebrazebrazebra:zebrazebrazebra 154 99



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